The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital, Inc.

Dr. Wes Rice is a proud 2001 graduate of the Texas A&M University College of Medicine located in College Station, Texas.  Prior to receiving his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Rice received two Bachelors of Science degrees:  one in Veterinary Science and another in BioMedical Science.

Dr. Rice has been practicing veterinary medicine since June of 2001 in the Berryville, Arkansas area.  He has proven himself to be an excellent doctor, with a keen interest in specialty surgeries and complex hard-to-diagnose internal medicine cases.

Those who know Dr. Rice personally and/or as their veterinarian will usually tell you that Dr. Rice stands out amongst veterinary professionals because he truly cares about people and their pets.  He is a kind-hearted, gentle person who genuinely feels the concerns, sorrows, and needs of his clients for their pets.  Another thing you will also hear about Dr. Rice is that he will stubornly persist with a case until he can reach a sound diagnosis.  He thrives on such challenges.

On a more personal level, Dr. Rice is married and has three children.  His wife, Kristy, is Hospital Administer for the hospital.  She works mostly from their home, thanks to modern technology.  Their children are Larkin, Ashton, and Lorali.  The children are home schooled and enjoy visiting the clinic as often as possible!

Dr. Rice is originally from a Texas ranch just south of Dallas.  He grew up crop-farming and working cattle.  The family farm always had a variety of livestock, dog, cats, and exotic pets around.  As an older teen and during his undergraduate years, Dr. Rice spent some time raising and training horses.  Dr. Rice's interest in veterinary medicine began during his high school years when he worked for a veterinarian during summers and after school.  He actually started out at Texas A&M University as an Electrical Engineer major, but eventually turned back to veterinary medicine as his primary interest.

At this point in his life, Dr. Rice enjoys practicing the veterinary medicine he enjoys and spending time with his family.  He loves being outdoors and teaching his children about the beauty of nature.  Dr. Rice has many interests and hobbies, some of which are scuba diving, fly fishing, hiking, gardening, and woodworking.