The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital, Inc.


Hospital Administrator


Veterinary Technician

Larkin has the grand privilege (LOL) of being the eldest offspring of Dr. Wes and Kristy.  Having pretty much grown up at the clinic, she was eager to begin work and started helping out quite a bit at a young age.  She loves animals, as all of us do here at The Family Pet Vet.  She enjoys training her dogs and horses between working and home schooling.  She is also quite the artist and enjoys sketching and painting.  Her parents have no clue where this artistic ability is derived from!


Veterinary Technician

Jessica is an invaluable assistant after just a few years on our team.  She always has a friendly smile and cheerful attitude, so working with her is a joy.  Jessica's former long-term job was in the human medical field.  She loves animals, so the adjustment from working with humans to pets seemed to be an easy one for her.    Jessica enjoys hunting and camping with her family during her down time.

Tracy is our office manager, a tremendous help in the front and quick to invite clients and patients into our “living room”.  Tracy came to us in 2012.  You will find her at the front desk or in her "fish bowl" office every weekday, well informed about product and techniques to treat your furry kids!  She is truly a native who was born in our area, attended the University of Arkansas, and raised her family here.

Tracy and her husband Donny have five kids between them, which makes them the closest thing to the Brady Bunch!  All but one of their children have left the nest, but Sierra, their high school aged daughter, keeps their parenting skills sharp!  They also have their young grand-daughter, Morgan, with them much of the time.

Tracy’s furry kids are all ankle high with Rottweiler attitudes.  Gizmo, the Shih Tzu, is a favorite.  Patients and clients get to enjoy Tracy's cheerful personality.  We are grateful that we have her as part of the team and can honestly say that she has “never met a stranger”!


Office Manager


Kennel Assistant


Casey is an awesome young woman who helps out tremendously by tackling any job tossed her way, no matter how grungy they may be.  We tease her for being quite a tomboy.  Raised on a local farm, she seems to always be working outside doing what some would consider "manly" chores.  And, I'm pretty sure she loves every minute of it - the outside chores, that is, not our teasing!

Kristy works outside of the clinic, so you won’t see her often as she has multiple jobs of home schooling her and Dr. Rice's three children (Larkin, Ashton, and Lorali) and maintaining the more detailed management and bookkeeping aspects of the clinic.  Kristy is originally from a little town just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but she moved to North Arkansas when she was a teenager.  Her degree is in Business Administration, and she worked in Human Resources for many years.  She then worked at Texas A&M (while Dr. Rice was a student at A&M) in several different positions, including coordinating dorm housing assignments, medical transcription for the veterinarians at the large animal hospital, and bookkeeping for the medical school's research grants.

One of the first things you will notice about our clinic is our beautiful gardens.  Kristy is the master mind behind all their glory (clients compliment her daily.  We’re grateful that we get to enjoy them each and every day!   If you do see Kristy here at the clinic, she is likely to be outside working in the flowerbeds in her grungy (her word!) work clothes.  Or, you may see her inside in her paint clothes trying to catch up with the painting -- a job that never seems to be completed inside a busy, high-traffic clinic.

Kristy and the whole Rice family love animals of all types.  They currently have poultry, a rabbit, a rat, pet mice, horses, two rescued cats (Fluffy and Blinky), and three rescued dogs (Cricket, the Chihuahua; and Dodge, the Golden Retriever/Chow mix; and Leo, a Border Collie mix).  Kristy and Dr. Rice have had ferrets, snakes, iguanas, hedge hogs, pigs, goats, cattle, and maybe even more during their 20+ years together!  During vet school, they were known to the local kids as the neighborhood zoo.