Veterinary Assistant / Technician

NEEDED:  Cheerful, fun-loving, hard-working, somewhat hyperactive person who loves to be "as busy as a bee" and thrives in an environment where four hands and four feet would be majorly beneficial -- as well as the ability to dodge the occasional dog who thinks you might be a tasty lunch. 

We have an opening for another veterinary assistant (technician) on our wonderful team.  If you are a drama queen/king, back stabber, or possess an awful attitude problem - you probably should stop reading here.  If not - please continue.

We strive very hard to keep a hard-working but fun-loving team at our clinic so that we can all enjoy our jobs and look forward to clocking in each day.  Our doctor can be serious and even stern when needed, but mostly he is pretty jolly and thinks playing pranks is a necessary part of life at work.  Can't take a joke?  Maybe you don't want to work here. 

This job does not require previous experience (although it's welcome) in this field AS LONG AS you meet the above criteria and have the motivation and intelligence to learn and retain what you are taught.  A clean job record is needed and long-term work history is extremely helpful.  Being able to accurately figure simple math formulas is a must as an inaccurate dose of medicine to a pet can prove fatal.

Typically people who are hands on learners and somewhat technically minded do well in this position.    You must be able to work well with pets (cats and dogs mostly, but also horses and the odd rodent, snake, goat, etc.)  Okay - we WILL excuse you from helping with the rare snake patient if you have a major phobia.  You must also enjoy interacting with people as the pets do come with owners.  Those owners need you to not only talk to their pet, but to also explain to them in plain English certain medical conditions, treatments, prescription instructions, etc.  Sometimes the doc can use help putting things in layman's terms.  It's also expected that you can sympathize and comfort the clients as needed.

Do you have a strange tendency to muck stalls or clean cages for entertainment?  Or, maybe scrub floors?  Do laundry?  Put your hands inside an open, oozing wound?  Follow a sick pet around cleaning up the messes it leaves - diarrhea, vomit and goodness only knows what that stuff might be?!  Then come on in and fill out an application.  We let you do that type of stuff on a daily basis and even pay you for it!

You know, though -- although it's definitely NOT just sitting around petting cute puppies all day -- this IS a fun job and it's not ALL gross and overwhelming physical labor.  If you can handle the yuck and the working your tail off part, you are rewarded with an interesting career in which every day is somewhat different.  You can see very interesting and sometimes even quite bizarre medical cases.  You can meet some very sweet animals and their owners, too.  You can experience the thrill of helping a patient "turn around" and become healthy and happy again.  Once in a while you may even have the privilege of doing hands on work with an exotic that you've maybe never been close to before.  You'll learn technically interesting things like how to properly take radio-graphs, monitor surgical patients, properly identify "things" under the microscope, put in IV catheters, draw blood, and even assist with dental cleanings (just like your own dental hygienist does on you). 

Still interested after that long spill of pros and cons?      Please complete an application at the clinic.  Have a resume?  We'd love to see it as well.  PLEASE - no phone calls.



The Family Pet Veterinary Hospital, Inc.

CSR (Client Service Representative)

Energetic organization freak with endless memory, self-diagnosed to be slightly OCD, bubbly, fun-loving people person (but can be firm) Client Service Representative required

We are a well-established veterinary hospital in Berryville, AR and need another CSR (Client Service Representative) who wants to grow with our practice and enjoy a full-filling, stable career.

Could you answer phones and greet clients cheerfully and personibly, photograph and weigh pets, schedule appointments and even fill prescriptions, sometimes all at the same time?  Do you believe you could thrive in a sometimes very busy environment that even has barking noise in the background and still maintain accuracy and attention to details?  Can you sale services and products that you believe in?  Do you love pets and desire having a part in helping them lead long, healthy lives?  Can you tolerate sometimes helping ill pets that may not get better? Are you a clean freak who is likely to drive others crazy with your constant cleaning and straightening?  Do you enjoy working with others and seek to fit in with the team WITHOUT gossiping and backstabbing your coworkers?   Can you handle occasional criticism and moodiness from a doctor who was up all night doing emergencies and is therefore a grump the morning after?  The rest of us just hand him some stiff coffee from a distance and keep our distance for a while – can you do this, too?  (Keep in mind, this sometimes grumpy doc is USUALLY a jolly, fun and entertaining boss who treats his staff as close family.)  If you still think this may be the career for you, please continue reading.

Primary Job Duties:

The CSRs at our clinic ensure that clients and pets are treated as family.  They should be welcomed profusely when they arrive for appointments.  You would check in the patient on the computer, have the client complete and sign any necessary forms, weigh and photograph the pet, and attempt to make the client and pet’s time at our hospital not only welcoming but even enjoyable.

Also responsible for answering two phone lines (with backup help), you would answer the phone promptly and courteously.  You would handle all calls as expediently as possible while still treating the clients with respect and answering all of their questions accurately.  You would learn to ask appropriate questions about a pet’s symptoms to ascertain the urgency of their condition.  You would schedule appointments and learn when, where, and how to do so in a way that permits the day to flow as smoothly as possible.

It is necessary for a CSR to learn our over-the-counter products as well as become familiar with our prescription drugs and veterinary services.  While not at all a high-powered type of sales job, you should be able to accurately discuss our products and services in such a way as to encourage clients and prospective clients to take advantage of those products and services that would be best for their pet.

When clients and pets are finished with their visit, they are anxious to check out and be on their way.  It is your job to efficiently review their invoice for accuracy, post the invoice, accept and post the client’s payment, and schedule any future appointments.  Sometimes it will be necessary for you to explain certain charges to the client’s satisfaction.  You will be the last contact person at our clinic, so presenting a cheerful front and helping the clients leave happy is critical in maintaining clientele. 

It is important that the CSR discusses payment options with clients and determines that they can pay – preferably BEFORE we render services.  You will follow our clinic financial policies firmly, yet attempt to do so in such a way as to not make potential clients upset (although some will be).  You will need to keep our accounts receivable accurate, including balancing at day’s end.  It would be helpful if you are the sort of person who hates for the deposit to ever be off.

There are many other smaller duties, such as cleaning your area at day’s end, scanning and computerized filing, organizing the front desk area, etc.  You will receive thorough training in all of these things so that you can improve your skills over time.

Last but certainly not least, it is essential that you love your job with us and have fun doing it.  You will be paid well, have good benefits (which doesn’t include insurance because of our size), and be treated as WE would want to be treated.

If you’ve actually read all of this and still feel that you are the person for this position, we would love for you to apply to join our hard-working but fun-loving work family.   Please complete an application at the clinic.  Attach a resume if you have one.